Principal: Professor RG Pestell, MD, PhD, MBBS, MBA, FACP, FRACP

President Pennsylvania Cancer and Regenerative Medicine Research Center

Dr. Pestell’s research in cell cycle, prostate cancer, oncology and stem cells is highly cited; he is ranked first in the world by Google scholar citations in cell cycle and prostate cancer, and second in the world for oncology. The PCARMRC is administratively housed through the Baruch S Blumberg Institute at the PA Biotechnology Center in Pennsylvania, USA.



Principal: Professor Albert Jeltsch PhD

Institut für Biochemie und Technische Biochemie

Stuttgart University 



Principal:  Professor Tsvee Lapidot Ph.D

Incumbent of the Edith Arnoff Stein Professorial Chair in Stem Cell Research

Head, Weizmann Stem Cell Institute

The Weizmann Institute of Science



Principal Laura Crilley
Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute



Principal: Pekka Katajisto

Director Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism

Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Karolinska Institute

Pekka Kitajito.jpg

United Kingdom


European Cancer Stem Cell Research ... - Cardiff University

Our aim here is to improve our understanding of the role of cancer stem cells in a range of cancers, through world-leading research.